Uggghhh sooooo Fabolous out here on some other ish I heard... And if any of it's true I'm going to need him to gather his damn self and "BREATHE"(all pun intended).

According to TMZ, on the evening of March 28th, Fabolous is seen here in this video snapping off on Emily B. and her dad. You can hear Fab yelling at Emily about having her father at his house, and she yelling that's her dad though, and Fab on some ole' he don't give two f#%ks, he don't want him there. Then you hear Emily's dad calling Fab a coward, and Fab is heard telling her dad he got a bullet with his name on it! And to make matters worse, Emily appears to be filming the whole thing and Fabolous lunges at her in anger and makes mention of her recording him.

TMZ has obtained video of Fabolous snapping off on girlfriend/child's mother Emily B. and her father in front of their home

Now, ya'll probably like me and like "wtf just happened here"!?! Well, allegedly, Emily reported that Fab took out her two front teeth, and not on no dentist ish, but his fist! Emily is then reported to have sent 2 of her family members to remove 2 guns in the home that allegedly were going to be used by the Ney York Rapper on her once she got to the home. 

emily crying.jpg

John David "Fabolous" Jackson turned himself in on Wednesday night, and has been charged with Aggravated Assault and Terroristic Threat.

Jackson's attorney Alberto Ebanks told TMZ ... "This is only an argument. There certainly is no crime being committed. If what you see in the video were a crime, we'd have to build more jails." 

Now his lawyer not lying, people do have the right to have a moment, but I really hope all else that has been alleged is not true or definitely explained. I would hate to see Fab as that dude, I mean come on now, Fab is the flyest coolest in the game, I would hate for this to be a game changer.