Safaree has been making headlines this week and if you hip to the tea , drop us a "🍆" in the comments *wink, wink*

But this isn't that and this is much more serious so let's put our serious faces on. During an interview with DJ Envy & Gia on their " The Casey Crew" Podcast Safaree alleged abuse during his relationship with the acclaimed Queens rapper. Which is , don't hate me , not all that surprising. Looking back on photos of the couple when they were together, Safaree always seem to be pretty much a sidekick with no say. Of course I can't begin to know what actually took place in the confines of their relationship , but it's not far-fetched. Abuse on men is more common they we give light to and is just as serious. Verbal and physical abuse are disgusting and all perpetuators of it need to be exposed. Even if it is our homegirl Nicki. 

DJ Envy: “What made you never leave? I don’t wanna say you were battered but you were an abused boyfriend…sometimes Safaree couldn’t leave the crib. I swear on everything!”

Safaree: “Nah, Nah that’s true but it’s because she was sheltered, she’s in her cocoon and I’m there with her. I didn’t really have a life outside of that. I was really comfortable but then the fights and stuff it was getting too crazy. I was like, you know what? I don’t wanna go to jail, I don’t wanna go to the hospital.”

” I walked away, I”m not a confrontational person and I don’t like to argue. We’re not gonna be doing this all day every day, I’m not gonna have hands put on me and the verbal—it takes a while to get over that. It took me a while to have my confidence that’s why I was going to the gym so hard. It took me a good 4 and 1/2 years to be like, ‘Okay, now I’m me and I’m walking in my own.'”


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