Karma is a b*tch and so is any man who has the audacity to put his hands on a woman ( any one really, to hell with double standards.)

I can't speak to the young man's skill ( I don't listen to his music) or to his character ( I don't know him personally), but if the videos and articles that have been released are true I am in absolutely no rush to scream #FreeNBAYoungBoy.

In the spirit of being objective I will do my best to first give you the details and then follow-up with my opinion.

18 year old NBA YoungBoy, real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was arrested this past Saturday night on kidnapping charges after a hotel surveillance video was released that showed him assaulting his girlfriend Jania. Warning: The video below is triggering and very hard to watch, do so at your own risk.

After social media got wind up the alleged assault , his girlfriend Jania took to IG Live to defend Youngboy claiming they were "just playing."

Fortunately just like myself ( and the rest of social media) , the judge doesn't seem to share her version of the truth. Kentrell is now being held without bail in Georgia's Ware County Jail. Reports are that he is facing agrravated assault and felony kidnapping charges. 

My thoughts are this, Kentrell has a LOT of growing and maturing to do , it also wouldn't hurt if he saught some counseling and spiritual guidance. This behavior is not innate , it's learned and he's going to need to do the very hard work to get his life on track. Until then, all the people tweeting #FreeHim are encouraging letting yet another broken black man back stay broken. As for Jania, I wish for her all the self-love her heart can stand because there is no reason to stay with anyone who blatantly disrespects and hurts you this way. If you remember, this is the same girl who slept in a hotel lobby while Youngboy had another girl in his hotel room. And in this instance she again , came to his rescue. This is the tell-tale signs of a physically and mentally abused woman and I pray she finds the strength to leave, for good. 

Source: TMZ.com