Popular daytime “trashy tv” ( as I like to refer to it)  host Steve Wilkos is in deep trouble these days and the irony is not lost on us that he’s usually the one putting people in the hot seat. 

The former Jerry Show Star was in a horrid car crash last month resulting in his car flipping several times before colliding into a pole. 


The initial reports have Wilkos blaming the accident on him reaching for his reading glasses at the time of the crash , but TMZ has now revealed that was a lie ( see what I did there👀?) Wilkos is now admiting that substance abuse was involved and a recently released toxicology report (obtained through search warrant) details his B.A.C at .29% , which is well over the legal limit. 

Reports are that a warrant was issued but Steve did his due diligence by turning himself in yesterday to Connecticut police. He was subsequently released after posting $1500 bail.

Steve is showing his remorse , remarking to the public  

 "Over the course of my life, I have been struggling with bouts of depression and on the day of my accident, I had a complete lapse in judgment which resulted in me drinking and getting behind the wheel of my car."

Though no excuse , mental illness/disorders are real and need to be dealt with and deserve to talked about . He also seems committed to his healing 

"This experience reinforces my commitment to get the professional help that I need and I have recently completed an intensive medically supervised program" 

Its unfortunate it took something so horrible to get him to seek help , but I am grateful that he is . It is also a miracle that no one was injured or killed and I am sure he’s happy not to have that kind of tramua on his conscience.

Hoping Steve stays committed to the help he needs and follows his own advice and tough love. !