Hey ya'll! Well now ya'll know I was going to have to give ya'll something to motivate you because sometimes we need to put down the tea and pick up the keys. 

Now, I get a lot of people asking me how do I deal with the negativity of others, or the nay-sayers, especially when they're close to you like family and friends. And honestly it is a simple thing, I remember first of all, they may think they are God, but they are not my God, I'm just saying. And honestly, I remeber who I AM, and not what people say that you are. If I had listened to people, honey suga foot I would have gave up a long time ago, and that is being real.

I seen this interview where Jay-Z said that he had an uncle who made comments towards Jay pursuit to being one of the Greatest Rappers of All Time, as if Jay was not going to make it, an to be realistic. And Jay-Z said something that really stuck with me, he said that he don't believe that his uncle was trying to be malicious, it was just him reflecting on to Jay-Z his fears of failure and the lack of ability to do what you set out to. And that made me think for real, like wow, sometimes it isn't that people don't think that YOU  can do it, they have already made up in their minds that THEY  can't do it so you probably can't either. 

Now, some people are just straight shade throwers and haters, who have a masters in their field and they love trying to tear you down and get to you, but, you know what, always remember if anyone is trying to pull you down, then that means they are already beneath you, and that's just real..... People will come for you because they can't do it how you can, and so wtf, just because they say you can't, you won't you're not qualified, doesn't mean a damn thing... What did God say about you? What do you say about you? Forget what they talking and live and walk in your greatness.... I mean WHO MADE THEM GOD THO?!?!