Boy Fawk You And That!

So here is the scene, a guy, a girl, and his girlfriend. Wait huh…. HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! I know ya’ll like Tiffane what in the entire f*ck are you talking about. Well, there was this situation that a young lady was in and asked for my help and honestly while listening to her story, I realized that this is actually a common toxic thing that we accept and see as not a big problem because again as I said it has become the new normal.

So this young lady met this guy and he seemed like a real gentleman at first, like very attentive, made her laugh and smile, and she said he even slept next to her without groping her or taking advantage of the fact that she was drunk and had stripped to her under garments in front of him. He really seemed like the one and then……. Things slowly but surely changed.

First it started with his time, the time he would give her, he no longer could find except maybe here or there, then she started hearing that he had other women he was interested in and then the big reveal!!
She said one day during an argument, something that started to become their normal, he blurted out that he had a girlfriend!! Of course, at first she left him alone and tried to move on, but with the couple years and feelings that grew, his I love you’s and I’m sorry’s and everything was complicated excuse, she ended up accepting her role and played her part. Well, years later, she was still playing her part and she thought everything finally paid off when he moved in!!! Until….. one day she came home and all his things were gone! She cried and cried and couldn’t understand, things were going so well. Well she later found out that he went home to his girlfriend and that was her final straw, she knew she deserved better and she was over the whole situation anyway.

Well, he finally after a month calls and gives the excuses of he went back to what he was used to and that he didn’t know if he could get used to what he never had to before. He, however, offers her the constellation prize of being his friend, because he has no ill feelings towards her and he really wants to keep the friendship.

My question Boo Friends, first of all, is he SERIOUS?!?! Secondly, why have we accepted this in society and think it is normal to be the “Main Bitch”, His #1, or his “Down Ass Bitch”, favorite “Side Chic”, etc. I mean, come on, we all have a friend, sister, cousin, etc, who is either the main chic or the side bitch. We have wiped those tears and told them “it don’t matter, he don’t love that bitch, you know he love you.” Or the infamous statement we have all heard, “He comes home to me tho.” When in TF did this become seen as normal?

Is love really blind or are we looking past what is directly in our face, to see love? Are we not in love with self enough? Are we expressing love with our actions of acceptance of the matter? Do we really believe that this is love?

I can’t speak too much because, hey, we’ve all at some point played fool, but, do we need to go completely retarded to have the love we desire?