" Man, don't nobody listen to Nas anymore [ . . . ]  Real Hip-Hop is Future and Migos."


It is the year 2017, and apparently real hip-hop no longer includes legend & multi-platinum record selling lyrical genius, Nasir 'Nas' Jones. I guess we have Mr. Lonzo Ball, rookie point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers , to thank for this *interesting* revelation. smiles in sarcasm

So at the start of "Ball In The Family", a 10-episode reality series centering around the Ball Family airing exclusively on Facebook every Thursdays, we can hear Lonzo commenting on hip-hop and expressing the idea that nobody listens to Nas anymore. The conversation starts off when someone off-camera tells Lonzo he will have to listen to "real hip-hop" during his green screen interviews and that's when Lonzo offered up his opinion

"That's not gonna happen,"  "Y'all outdated, man. Don't nobody listen to Nas anymore [ . . .] Real hip-hop is Migos , Future." ( proceeds to mumble rap)


Now whether or not Lonzo was just being cheeky or he actually believes the words (lies) coming from his mouth, one can't be too sure. Then again this is the same guy who caught hell for tweeting that 21 Savage's 'Issa' was better than Jay Z's '4:44.' 

While Lonzo is entitled to his 19 year old opinion, it's going to be a no for me dawg. He should know better, or atleast know when to keep his opinions to himself.

Join me in the entertainment that Twitter brung out after news of his comments broke earlier today

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I think they all captured exactly how I feel . I think Lonzo should stick to dribbling balls and let the legends do what they do best.