Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple months then you already know what’s “pawpin” (you totally read that in her voice.) From lighting up the pole to heating up the charts Cardi B is re-defining what it means to be a care-free afro-latina and we are so HERE for it. Not to mention her latest accomplishment , her hit single 'Bodack Yellow' landing at No. 1 on the Billboard charts , for get this,


Yes, the last female rapper to have a number 1 record with zero features was the iconic Lauren Hill back in 98'. So Cardi has definitely been putting in some money moves and we are so proud!

So to celebrate the Queen that is Cardi B. we decided to come up with 5 facts about her that you may or may not already know !


Fact One: Her real name isn't Cardi B. 


I mean, I'm sure you could have guessed that (and if you're a real fan you already.) But , her real name is one I doubt would ever come to mind. Born to a Trinidadian mother & a Dominican father , Belcalis Almanzar would soon be known to the world as Cardi B. While most people's moniker comes from some sort of variation of their real name Cardi B is actually a spin on a childhood name of Bacardi , given to her because her sister's name is Hennessy. Clever.


Fact Two: Those "bloody shoes" aren't just referencing Louboutins.


Yup! Cardi B is a BLOOD. This Hip-hop Queen has never shied away from her affiliation with the Los Angeles bred gang — she publicly announced that she's been a member since she was 16.  Traces of influence can be heard on her tracks 'Red Barz' and even now with the title of her coming EP ' Bloody Mary.' Regardless of your stance on gangs and gang affiliations, Cardi has always kept it real and. that's something anyone can admire.

Fact Three: Lady Gaga is her Fashion Icon


Lady Gaga ( along with Madonna) is also her favorite artist. Now I'll admit, this one stumps me. I am all for duality, and the girls are bad, but this seems like an interesting pairing. But hey, we are entitled to like what we like! Here are some of her icon's most recent style choices:



Fact Four: Cardi's music debut was on a Dancehall remix


Staying true to her Caribbean roots, Cardi made her music debut alongside Dancehall's finest Shaggy and Popcaan doing a remix to "Boom Boom." Look at our girl being all versatile! Yaaasss.


Fact Five: She's set to rack them up at the BET Hip-Hop Awards


If Cardi B manages to take home all the BET awards that she's been nominated for, our girl will have her hands full! But hey, that's what she got two hands for, right?!

Nominations :

Best Hip-Hop Video Award | 'Bodack Yellow'

Hot Ticket Performer

MVP of the Year

Single of the Year | 'Bodak Yellow'

Best New Artist of the Year

Hustler of the Year

Made-You-Look Award ( Best Hip-Hop Style)

Best Mixtape | 'Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2'

Impact Track | 'Bodack Yellow'


If you can't tell, here at The Blogssip we stan for Cardi! We love us some her and want to see nothing, but the best for her career. I guess we will just have to tune in on October 6 to see our girl rack it up