On Wednesday, rapper YG donated $150,000 to startup company GirlCodeLA in order to help young female coders get a head-start in the ultra-competitive field. 


GirlCodeLA, which was founded by entrepreneur Dez White, is aimed to help women build knowledge in computer science, business and software engineering. In addition to being able to grow in multiple fields, participants also can develop career road maps through seminars, classes and hands-on training.


YG said in a statement, “Gender bias plays a role in the amount of exposure students receive in regards to technology and coding. This leads to influence future decisions within their field, creating smaller opportunities for diversity. With my donation, I hope they’ll be able to expand their reach of future female coders and programmers. I want to make sure I’m doing my part, I got a daughter and I respect the G Code.”



In addition to the donation, he also gave out free Beats By Dre headphones during a mentoring session with the young coders, discussing nontraditional career paths.