According to, Karim Kharbouch, which is the government of French Montana, has opened up a hospital in Uganda.



This all came about last year during a visit to Uganda by French, and during that visit he was devastated by the poor state of health care of the Ugandan people, especially the women and the children. This revelation caused Montana to immediately start a fund to raise money to build a hospital for the people, and he started off the fund with $100,000 of his own money. This caused for other celebrities to donate nice size bags to the cause, some including The Weekend and Mr. Take Dat Take Dat himself, Diddy. Ciroc also gave a sizable amount to the cause, and Montana said that he would be putting "Every dollar from French Vanilla (is going) into the hospital and Mama Hope Foundation.”

By the turn out of the help to build theSuubi Health Centre  , it was able to begin construction immediately, and is now open for patients to begin receiving care. The theSuubi Health Centre can now potentially help 300,000 people with their healthcare. 

French Montana wanted to give a “Shout out to Global Citizen for letting me be the first rapper to represent this because they know my heart’s in the right place.”  French we here at The Blogssip want to give you a #Salute!



It's one thing to make music to make people feel good, but to be able to help them BE good, now that's a hit!