Actor Terry Crews is suing Hollywood agent Adam Venit for sexual assault and battery and his employer, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, for sexually predatory conduct. Crews filed a sexual assault and battery lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles against both Venit and WME for the alleged Feb. 4, 2016, sexual assault by Venit on Crews. Crews said he had never met Venit before, when the agent “viciously grabbed [his] penis and testicles so hard that it caused [him] immediate pain in a blatant and unprovoked sexual assault.”


Crews said Venit called him the next day and apologized, saying he was not himself. But despite the apology and the fact that Crews reported the incident to his own agent at WME, Crews said he did not see the agency take any action against Venit. “It is now time to hold Venit accountable for his sexual predatory behavior and to hold WME accountable for its conduct in condoning, ratifying and encouraging Venit’s sexual predatory behavior," Crews' lawsuit states. "A message needs to be sent to those in power who abuse those over whom they exert influence and control that abusive and sexual predatory behavior will not be tolerated."